About the group of companies 

Avant Group is the group of companies that conduct business in three directions: engineering and construction, transport and logistic, agribusiness. Our group of companies is aimed at working with the EU countries and with a European companies’ representative offices in Ukraine, therefore the highest European standards are set in all directions of our business: in management, work organization and production. The most of our clients are successful companies from Denmark, Holland, Germany, France, Poland and other countries of Eurozone that constantly requires services development and improvement of our products and ourselves.

About Avant Engineering

Avant Engineering conducts complex commercial real estate building projects realization. We support our clients at all project implementation phases starting from land plots rights registration, receipt of all permissive documentation, planning and budgeting to construction management and commissioning. Avant Engineering uses the best world practices in management, PD elaboration and construction that allows us to be more qualified and more effective. Our company the one of the few Ukrainian companies which has successful experience in commercial real estate projects realization within the method of EPCM-agreements (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management). Avant Engineering has more than 40 successful projects of commercial and housing real estate in our portfolio; a company was in different roles: consultant, general designer, general contractor, project manager, technical supervisor etc.

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